Engagement Framework

We have designed Charter Technology Solutions from the ground up to be affordable and accessible to all organizations. So if you are just starting out or already have an existing infrastructure and network in place, we can still fit in and provide cost savings and operational efficiencies. We work with you to execute the different steps of our managed services framework, so contact us today.

Step 1: Identify, define client requirements and understand pain points

We realize that every organization is unique in many ways and that there is no cookie cutter IT solution that will work for them. Knowing this, we offer a free consultation including analysis and overview of existing technologies and an explanation of recommended solutions and methods of deployment. This consultation will identify where efficiency can be gained (costs that can be cut) and what additional opportunities you may be missing out in with your current technology solutions. The definition of your requirements is done with an eye towards the future, so the right solution can be implemented now, and one that will support your upcoming needs.

Step 2: Custom deployment strategy

The deployment methodology is as unique as the solution itself. During this stage, we lay out project milestones which identify the step-by-step process to introduce new technologies or overhaul existing systems. Work is completed maintaining the highest quality standards, and we communicate frequently our milestone progress. All work is completed in a way that is least disruptive to you operations.

Step 3: Support Services

Once your solution has been engineered and deployed, we introduce and maintain standards to ensure your environment remains stable. Support solutions include telephone and recurring onsite support engineer visits, as well as 24-hour systems monitoring solutions.