Computer Carts as a School Strategy

What can you, and what should you, do with computer carts in a school or learning environment?

One to One Devices

Execute at least 3 device checks throughout the year, aligning device serial number with student “owner”

  • Create charging stations across classrooms to support device use
    throughout the day
  • Cross-check system reports for devices against physical lists over
    holiday breaks -requires students leave devices at school over break
  • Install an agent if devices are going out of the school (E.g. GoGuardian)
  • Must have parent signed ownership agreements on file

Stationary Computer Carts

Assign devices to students for each individual class to ensure accountability

School IT Support Provider

  • Build in time on the ends of the instructional block for students to carefully replace AND re-connect devices to their power supply, especially in the first weeks of school
  • Create a cart tech job for a reliable student or group of students (can
    also be a rotating classroom job). Should include plugging in the cart
    itself and reporting issues
  • Cart label should include the specific location (classroom)

Mobile Computer Carts

Secure a print out of the cart procedures on the cart

  • Count devices at the beginning/end of each instructional session
  • Ensure that ALL devices stay in the room for that session (No
  • Create a shared calendar/sign out sheet of who “checks” the cart
    out for accountability and scheduling purposes
  • Assign a “home” location for mobile carts and ensure they are
    returned after each reservation/use

All Computer Cart scenarios

Designate a staff member to oversee cart assignment delivery, report issues, and ensure missing devices are reported ASAP

  • Clearly written labels on all devices to include cart assignment
  • Clearly written labels on all carts to include “home” location
  • Use difficult to remove material for labels (example: Brother TZE
    Extra Strength series adhesive tape)
  • Perform periodic cart checks aligning device serial number with
    cart and device names

Remember, devices alone don’t change instruction, but pairing devices with an educational strategy, solid support, and data, can make all the difference.

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