National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC21)

National Charter Schools Conference

CTS Conducting Interactive Sessions at NCSC 2021

June 20-23, 2021, CTS will be leading the way with VIRTUAL interactive sessions on ESSER Funding, E-rate Funding, and Streamlining Remote Learning w. Single Sign-on (SSO). Don't miss these important experiences for your school!

JUNE 20 - JUNE 23, 2021

CTS is an official sponsor of the National Charter Schools Conference. The theme of this conference is ENGAGE. EDUCATE. INNOVATE. CTS will be hosting a Conversation (open discussion) on Digital Equity: Facing Post-Covid Challenges & Seizing Opportunities, a Solutions Session on Unparalleled Student Engagement in a Remote Learning Environment, and a Solutions Session on Getting and Keeping Your ESSER Funding Grant. In addition, you'll see keynote speakers from across the industry.

What You Can Expect

CTS has listened to you, understands what is driving your school in 2021, and has prepared three exciting experiences:

Digital Equity: Facing Post-Covid Challenges & Seizing Opportunities

This is an open discussion, hosted and facilitated by CTS, between School leaders and staff. Topics include:

  • Are students more or less likely to have similar access to technical infrastructure, broadband, suitable learning devices based on school location, demographics, etc? What have you seen?
  • Is it just students, or is there a greater need now to focus on professional learning and support for teachers, students and families?
  • How effective has the Erate program been in overcoming barriers to access for your school (access to technology and connectivity)? What's working or not?
  • How is your school staying current on changes to federal funding opportunities for technology?
  • How well is your school supporting families with technical challenges, and what is learned from that process?

June 21, 2:30pm (EST)

Getting and Keeping Your ESSER Funding Grant

ESSER is grant funding in response to the impact COVID-19 has had on student learners. It's designed to inject resources that address a range of issues from repairing and improving facilities to addressing needs of low-income learners or those with disabilities, to purchasing educational technology and providing supports and services.

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund provides pivotal, free money for your school for technology products and services, software and PD, and remote learning as well as school programs and other supplies. To get that money, your school must adhere to certain application criteria. To keep that money, you need to spend it properly. This talk, by experts in the technology uses of ESSER, simplifies your action items to seize full advantage of Esser for your school or educational institution.

  • Ensure you get the grant
  • Spend without giving back the money
  • Spend it all (ways you can use the funds)

June 22, 3pm (EST)

Unparalleled Student Engagement in a Remote Learning Environment

Leverage technology to ensure engagement in remote learning. Think end-to-end and create an ecosystem from remote learning tools. Simplifying school or institutional technology means approaching it as an ecosystem.

Integrating all the moving parts achieves that purpose, whether Google Classroom, the Student Information System, a Single Sign-On (SSO) tool, or classroom management tools like GoGuardian or Hapara. We'll simplify this approach and show participants how to make it effective so that learning drives and technology serves your organizational objectives.

  • Achieving SSO (e.g. Clever)
  • Optimizing Google Classroom Structure
  • Effective Classroom Mgmt (GoGuardian & Hapara, PD)
  • Integrating the Student Information System (w. the SSO)

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