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We won't SPAM you. These are reports from real-life schools and their IT projects, featuring some amazing people.

Edtech heroes

Edtech & Robust Support: An Inside Look at the Post-COVID Technical Backdrop

The use of technology didn’t spike during COVID—it reached a new normal, and it’s staying up there. Normalcy will not involve dropping back to 2019 levels of device usage, instructional technology and edutech proliferation, and technical support. This is the new landscape and how we help maintain it.


June 21-22: Digital Equity, ESSER, Student Engagement in a Remote Learning Environment

We’re facilitating these virtual sessions at the National Charter Schools Conference June 21st and 22nd. Two 20-min solutions sessions and one 45-min conversation across multiple schools.

Charter Schools Conferene

National Charter Schools Conference (Virtual): June 20-23, 2021

You’re going to want to attend this, and it’s coming right up. ESSER funding, E-RATE funding, creating digital equity amid disparities in access, streamlining remote learning with Single Sign-On. This is your conference! Join us there virtually.

Device procurement requires planning in the best of times.

CTS Shines in Device Procurement for Schools Scrambling to Implement Remote Learning

Most MSPs and Outsourced IT firms would have balked when shipping shut down, manufacturers called it quits, and schools closed. CTS made a plan.

Virtual graduation

CTS Launches Virtual Graduation Roadmap for Independent Schools

Wondering what graduation ceremonies look like in the era of remote learning? Download our resources to review the pros and cons of different virtual graduation platforms and ensure your ceremony runs smoothly.

National MSP for Independent Schools

CTS National Expansion Means School Technology Aligns With Educational Outcomes

Growing for growth’s sake isn’t our focus. We have a mission of ensuring schools reach their goals optimally through technology solutions, because the missions of schools matter. Learning matters. For CTS, expansion is always about that mission.

A student participates in distance learning due to a COVID-19-related school closure.

CTS Offers Resources to Schools and Parents Amid School Closures

CTS has created a resource guide to support school leaders, teachers, and families with navigating distance learning due to COVID-19-related closures.

A student learns from home due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

COVID-19: Planning for the Possibility of Remote Instruction

Responding to rapid shifts in educational needs is where we can lend some guidance, insight, and support. The goal is to responsive, not reactive. Here are the key components to focus on to move schooling online during Coronavirus.

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Seeing how other schools triumph in the area of their technical needs, and getting to know the people and process behind that triumph, can help you, as a leader, envision your next steps.

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