You have a vision for your growing organization.

You know the tech you want, the space you’ll need, and the goals to hit—or, maybe you don’t. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Vision for Your Growing Organization

You have a vision for your growing school.

You know the tech you want, the space you’ll need, and the goals to hit—or, maybe you don’t. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Need More Space Again

Growing Your Operation Brings a New Set of Technology Challenges

New shared rooms and offices. Fresh group space and facilities… CTS can help!

Choose the right tools and systems.

Operational strategies evolve. We help you find the right tech to support these evolving strategies—and give your team full freedom to create, to innovate, and to lead.

Maximize your current technology.

Taking advantage of the resources you already have is critical—there’s no need to spend when you don’t have to. We’ll help you keep your budget streamlined and lean.

Remain relevant as you expand.

Your systems decisions today affect your operation for years to come. We value-engineer results to be cost-conscious and future-oriented, so they maintain value year after year.

"CTS has been a close partner in Classical’s mission for over 5 years.

During that time, we have collaborated around improving our tech infrastructure, upgrading our devices for staff, and building out new schools. These projects need to be done right, the first time, and CTS has a spotless record on that front. Just as importantly, they guided us through the strategic planning process which gave us time and comfort to make the right decisions.”

Lester Long, Founder and Executive Director, Classical Charter Schools

Here’s how we work together to power your growth.

We take you out of the never-ending loop of meetings with landlords, general contractors, and third-party vendors to ensure the facility is ready for use within your time frame. Your organizational mission is first, technology second…

Step 1. Discovery

We start by documenting your specific goals and reaching a shared understanding of your vision. Our analysis is thorough—but quick and undemanding.

Step 2. Strategy

We ask the right questions to the right people (from IT folks to construction teams) to ensure everyone is aligned on what we’re doing, how, and why.

Step 3. Execution

We can lead or support—every project is different, and our expertise is flexible enough to plug in seamlessly either way. We do whatever it takes to get things done on time and on budget.

Step 4. Support

Even when the project’s done, we’re not. We seamlessly blend our high-touch support process into your newly expanded facilities, so you know you’re always covered.

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Case Study

What’s the best way to spend our available ERATE dollars?

Like many other schools, that was the question that brought Mott Haven Academy Charter School to CTS. School leadership wanted to invest the funds in a network and WiFi upgrade that elevated the overall educational experience—and we were happy to help.

Working closely with leadership, we analyzed the existing infrastructure and determined the school’s needs. It was clear that a robust switching solution and wireless network would fix the capacity and coverage shortcomings the school faced. We optimized costs to find solutions that would maximize coverage—and the resulting network was a dramatic improvement.

When Mott Haven Academy decided to expand in 2017, they called CTS again. Preparing to take over three additional floors to open a middle school, Mott Haven Academy enlisted us for IT design consulting services and overall project and vendor management. We provided and installed new core networking equipment, a new server, classroom A/V components, and new computers and Chromebooks for all teachers and students. The timeline was tight, but we worked efficiently so that the school could receive its students on time, making choices to answer key strategic questions along the way, including:

What existing resources can we repurpose? We immediately interjected ourselves into the construction demolition process, preserving much of the structure’s existing low voltage cable, repurposing resources, and in doing so saved the school tens of thousands of dollars.

How can we ensure future expandability and sustainability? We connected the new space to the school’s existing data center, and designed network-switching infrastructure that enabled both areas to communicate at 10Gbps speeds—creating one integrated, high-performance WiFi network. We provided new phones, synchronized clocks, and set up the new cafeteria with leading A/V technology to enhance public assemblies. We also deployed interactive projectors in the new classrooms and replaced many of the discontinued SmartBoards in the elementary school.

What are the special requirements of the school? We were tasked with outfitting a multi-purpose room with advanced audio capabilities that included microphones, an A/V podium, and room-filling sound. We found a cost-effective solution—adding ceiling speakers that matched the existing ceiling, and marrying them to a high-performance audio mixer built into a podium with both wired and wireless microphone capabilities.

How can we support the instructional goals of the project? We provided guidance throughout construction, met the high voltage requirements for all the classroom A/V equipment, and provided the staff with laptops fit with a customized image. By updating the school’s server, we ensured that instruction could continue uninterrupted throughout the construction process. We saved Mott Haven Academy significant expenses by avoiding redundant services while still ensuring future sustainability and high capacity.

What did the school achieve with its engagement with CTS? Mott Haven Academy entrusted us with critical deliverables—from IT Design to vendor management to equipment installation and integration services. Our solutions resulted in a middle school equipped with the right technology at the right price, all seamlessly integrated with their previously existing systems.

Recent Updates on IT Services for Expansion

Let’s Extend Your Organization’s Possibilities

As your operation grows, we’re here to help make sure your technology grows with it—in a way that makes sense for your vision, people, and budget.

To learn more about how we might partner, let’s get you a discovery call with a senior project leader and map out your next steps.

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