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A Technology Company, an Education Partner

Not all technology providers stick to a single mission.
We do.

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A Technology Company, an Education Partner

Not all technology providers stick to a single mission. We do.

It All Started With Sachin Gujral and a School in Brooklyn . . .

Sachin Gujral founded CTS in 2010 to help businesses keep up with the technical challenges and opportunities of our digital world.

At the outset, the company quickly began servicing a wide array of clients. But despite early successes, Sachin, an accomplished technologist, was hungry to make an even more significant impact. He just didn’t yet know how.

The answer came in 2012. A charter school in Brooklyn reached out to CTS for help. Classroom technology issues were hindering teachers’ ability to instruct, and they were weary of their provider. Working diligently, Sachin and his CTS team repaired the school’s broken IT infrastructure. They did everything from documenting and fixing process issues to repairing SmartBoards—and by the end, Sachin had developed a deep trust with the school and their administrators.

That bond made Sachin realize that helping schools was the calling he had always sought. He quit his job and made bringing high quality, cost-effective technology solutions to schools his full-time passion.

By 2015, CTS was servicing 25 schools and devoting 100% of its time, energy, ideas, and resources to technology for education. Along the way, Sachin and his team developed the philosophy that guides them to this day: education first, technology second. In other words, success starts with a school’s vision and goals—and technology follows.

CTS is about making the most out of what life offers. Our values come from our founder who crisscrossed Brooklyn and the Bronx in an Altima with 230,000 miles on it even as CTS went from supporting one school in 2010 to 58 today.

Today, CTS continues its mission to provide cutting-edge, cost-conscious technology solutions that benefit educators, students, and their families. When a school has the right technology plan, executed by the right people, it impacts an entire community. We’d be honored to be that company for you.

Sachin Gujral, CTS' Founder

Sachin was born to Indian parents, in Mozambique. Before age 18 he had already lived in 3 continents, learned 5 languages, and held numerous jobs. After achieving his Bachelors of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, he put in a 10-year stint on Wall Street, rising through the ranks to assume a role as a Vice President in Compliance Technology. In 2010, egged on by his entrepreneurial spirit, he created CTS on the side.

Growing up, Sachin faced extreme challenges from poverty and lack of opportunity. Even though he lost his parents at an early age, he inherited from them a deep-rooted value of persevering through adversity and a commitment to working as hard as it takes to achieve his goals. We built CTS on these values of hard work, frugality, value-consciousness, innovation, automation, and most of all – a rich and consistent customer experience. As CTS grew, Sachin was cognizant of the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead of it, ones his adventurous upbringing wouldn’t let him squander.

Your Trust, Our Impact:

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"We brought CTS onto the team to help us think strategically about the type of technology infrastructure we needed in order to scale a network of schools. Each step of the way they have been a strategic thought-partner as we anticipate the next stage of growth."

Matt Salvatierra, Chief Operating Officer, Brilla Public Charter Schools

Meet the people behind the passion

Individually, they’re the best at what they do. Together—they’re the best at what we do.

Leadership Team

Sachin Gujral

Founder & CEO

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Ritaly Rapaport

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Hewett

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

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Michael Navarrete

Director, Service Delivery

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Michael McKee

Director of Client Management

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Troy Foster

Interim Director of HR

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Lisa Brown

Director of Operations

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Gustavo Alba

Director of Engineering

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Client Management

Timothy Hughes

Client Manager

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Michael Velez

Client Manager

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Eric Rabinowitz

Client Manager

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Ashley Mebert

Client Manager

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Mary Moss

Client Manager

Contact Mary

Sarah Collins

Senior Client Manager

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Zach McGaugh

Senior Client Manager

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Laurance Specht

Senior Client Manager

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Service Delivery

Torrey Hopkins

Field Services Engineer

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Kyle Trent

Systems Support Technician

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Joshua Rivera

Field Service Engineer

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Chris Bennett

Systems Support Technician

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Brand Ambassador

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John Cardona Betancur

Systems Support Technician

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Stacey Hanby

Systems Support Technician

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Chris Williams

Field Services Engineer

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Corey Roop

Systems Support Technician

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Michael Wilfred

Systems Support Technician

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Giovanni Squarciafico

Field Services Engineer

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Nick Marsh

Service Delivery Lead

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Pedro Soto

Systems Support Technician

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Jose Rodriguez

Service Center Lead

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William Russell

Service Delivery Manager

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Daron Blackman

Service Delivery Lead

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James Eversole

Systems Support Technician

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Hari Farkas

Service Delivery Manager

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Danielle Vasickanin

Systems Support Technician

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Roy Villaflor

NOC Analyst

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Brian Bates

NOC Engineer

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Lydell Edwards

Field Services Engineer

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Mathew Muffadi

Field Services Lead

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Finance and Operations

Lucy Assevero


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Nan Patel

Corporate Recruiter

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Perry Frank

Operations Admin

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Thalia Rodriguez

Operations Associate

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Mark Beisner

Operations and Finance Analyst

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Nicole C Gioia

Business Manager

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Professional Services

Tammie Tam

IT Project Manager

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Alexandre Melniouchkine

Project Engineer

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Chris Feliz

Device Deployment Lead

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Edgardo Vargas

Field Services Engineer

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Derek Diaz

Program Manager

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Giuseppe Napolitano

Solutions Specialist

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Vineet Singh

Solutions Design Manager

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Steve Mantulenko

Lead Systems Engineer

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Alex Shapiro

Senior Systems Engineer

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Eugene Vinar

Senior Systems Engineer

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