About CTS

A Technology Company, a Partner in Your Organizational Mission

We think seamless IT is mission-critical for any organization, so we support every organization's mission with equal passion.

Technology Company

A Technology Company, a Partner in Your Organizational Mission

We think seamless IT is mission-critical for any organization, so we support every organization's mission with equal passion.

It All Started With Sachin Gujral and a Charter School in Brooklyn . . .

Discover the Journey of CTS: Empowering Organizations Through Mission-Critical IT Solutions

CTS was founded in 2010 by Sachin Gujral, a visionary driven by the desire to help businesses overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities of the digital era. Initially, CTS catered to a diverse clientele, but it was a transformative experience in 2012 that truly ignited Sachin’s passion for mission-critical IT solutions.

When a Brooklyn charter school approached CTS for assistance with their struggling IT infrastructure, Sachin and his team dedicated themselves to resolving the issues that were hindering the school’s educational efforts. Through meticulous work, they repaired and optimized the school’s IT systems, earning the trust and appreciation of the school’s administrators. This experience inspired Sachin to focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions that empower schools, commercial and mission-driven organizations, architectural and construction firms, libraries, and government entities.

By 2015, CTS was serving 25 organizations, committing its resources and expertise to provide seamless IT services that prioritize an organization’s mission and vision. This guiding philosophy – that technology should serve an organization’s goals, not the other way around – remains the cornerstone of CTS’s approach. In homage to its origins, CTS’s name stands for Charter Technology Solutions, a testament to the first client that shaped the company’s mission.

Today, CTS continues to uphold the values instilled by its founder, who, despite facing adversity and loss, inherited a strong work ethic, resilience, and determination from his parents. These values – hard work, frugality, value-consciousness, innovation, automation, and an unwavering focus on customer experience – have propelled CTS to support 58 organizations and counting.

As CTS continues to grow, Sachin remains committed to seizing the opportunities that lie ahead, leveraging his diverse upbringing and entrepreneurial spirit to drive the company forward. We at CTS are honored to be your trusted IT partner, committed to empowering your organization and the communities you serve through innovative, mission-focused technology solutions.

Sachin Gujral, CTS' Founder

Sachin was born to Indian parents, in Mozambique. Before age 18 he had already lived in 3 continents, learned 5 languages, and held numerous jobs. After achieving his Bachelors of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, he put in a 10-year stint on Wall Street, rising through the ranks to assume a role as a Vice President in Compliance Technology. In 2010, egged on by his entrepreneurial spirit, he created CTS on the side.

Growing up, Sachin faced extreme challenges from poverty and lack of opportunity. Even though he lost his parents at an early age, he inherited from them a deep-rooted value of persevering through adversity and a commitment to working as hard as it takes to achieve his goals. We built CTS on these values of hard work, frugality, value-consciousness, innovation, automation, and most of all – a rich and consistent customer experience. As CTS grew, Sachin was cognizant of the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead of it, ones his adventurous upbringing wouldn’t let him squander.

Your Trust, Our Impact:

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"We brought CTS onto the team to help us think strategically about the type of technology infrastructure we needed in order to scale a network of schools. Each step of the way they have been a strategic thought-partner as we anticipate the next stage of growth."

Matt Salvatierra, Chief Operating Officer, Brilla Public Charter Schools

Comprehensive IT Services by CTS

CTS provides a wide range of IT services to support businesses and organizations in achieving their goals. Our main services include:

Design: We offer Solution Design and New Space/Building Expansion Design to ensure your IT infrastructure aligns with your organization’s needs and growth plans.

Security: Our comprehensive security solutions include Cyber & Network Security, Physical Security Solutions (VMS, Access Control, Emergency Notification), Security Assessments, and Security Software to safeguard your organization’s data and assets.

Data Integration: We provide Routing and Switching, Wireless Solutions, Server Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Structured Cabling to optimize your organization’s data management and connectivity.

Managed Services: Our tailored packages include Threat Monitoring, Staffing Solutions, Backup as a Service, Client Management, Helpdesk, NOC, and Onsite Solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your IT systems and network.

Collaboration: Enhance teamwork and communication with our Audio Visual Integration, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing/Telepresence, Digital Signage, Classroom Solutions (Projectors and Interactive Panels), and Clocks/Paging services.

By partnering with CTS, you can trust our expertise and comprehensive solutions to support your organization’s IT infrastructure, security, and collaboration needs.

Experience the Benefits of CTS Managed IT Services: Streamlined Solutions for Your Organization’s Success

Relying on CTS for managed IT services offers numerous benefits, ensuring a streamlined and efficient IT infrastructure for your organization. These benefits include:

Comprehensive IT Asset Inventory and Documentation for effective management and optimization of your IT resources.

Expert IT Budgeting support, helping you make informed decisions and maximize your technology investments.

Access to our Support Desk from 7:30 am to 6 pm, providing prompt assistance and issue resolution.

24x7x365 Network Monitoring to ensure the continuous performance, reliability, and security of your IT systems.

Senior Engineering Support as needed, providing expert guidance for complex IT challenges.

E-Rate Planning Support to assist in maximizing funding opportunities for eligible organizations.

Quarterly Technology Reviews to evaluate your IT systems’ performance and identify areas for improvement.

Service Metrics and Reporting, offering insights into the effectiveness of your IT services.

Trend Analysis for IT Issues, helping you stay ahead of potential problems and optimize system performance.

Product Advertisements and Roadmapping to keep you informed about the latest industry developments and technology advancements.

Industry Alerts, ensuring you stay updated on important news and trends in the IT landscape.

Anti-virus software included, protecting your organization from potential cyber threats and data breaches.

By choosing CTS as your managed IT services provider, you can expect a robust, secure, and high-performing IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your organization’s core objectives.

Serving Diverse Industries with Tailored IT Solutions

At CTS, we work with a wide range of industries, addressing their unique needs and concerns to provide tailored IT solutions that empower their success. Our industry-specific approach ensures that each client receives the most relevant and effective IT services:

Education: We understand the importance of technology in creating engaging and effective learning environments. By addressing the key concern of data security and privacy, we ensure that schools and educational institutions can leverage cutting-edge IT solutions without compromising student and staff information.

Construction: CTS collaborates with construction firms, architects, and builders to design and implement IT infrastructure that supports their project needs. We focus on seamless connectivity and low voltage cabling, enabling efficient project execution and communication throughout the construction process.

Nonprofits: We are committed to helping mission-based organizations achieve their goals through reliable and secure IT solutions. Our emphasis on aligning IT infrastructure with organizational objectives ensures nonprofits can focus on serving their constituents effectively, without IT headaches.

Public Sector: CTS assists public sector organizations in navigating the unique challenges they face, such as budget constraints and regulatory compliance. Our focus on cost-effective and secure IT solutions enables these organizations to deliver essential services to their communities while safeguarding sensitive data.

Commercial: We support businesses in various industries by providing tailored IT services that drive growth and efficiency. Our primary focus for commercial clients is streamlining IT operations and enhancing security, ensuring their technology infrastructure is optimized for success in today’s competitive landscape.

By partnering with CTS, your organization will benefit from our industry-specific expertise and commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions that address your unique concerns, desires, and goals.

A Diverse and Dedicated Team: Uniting Expertise and Passion at CTS

Individually, the best at what they do. Together—the best at what we do.

CTS team members, each possessing unique skills and expertise, come together to form a robust and cohesive unit, dedicated to empowering organizations through innovative and mission-focused IT services. The variety of roles within our staff not only reflects the breadth of our service offerings but also demonstrates our commitment to well-rounded and comprehensive IT solutions for our clients and a strong, collaborative work culture that fosters growth, innovation, and excellence.

Join us at CTS, and become part of a team that is driven by passion, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in managed IT services.

Join us at CTS

Leadership Team

Sachin Gujral

Founder & CEO

Bryan Lukralle

Chief Strategy Officer

Lisa Brown

Director of Operations

Derek Diaz

Director of PMO

Client Strategy

William Russell

Deputy Director of Client Management

Hari Farkas

Strategic Advisor

Laurance Specht

Strategic Advisor

Vineet Singh

Strategic Advisor

Carlos Mojica

Senior Client Manager

Damian Grabowski

Senior Client Manager

Mary Moss

Senior Client Manager

Peter Szczesniak

Senior Client Manager

Michael Wilfred

Client Manager

Alex Topelson

Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Professional Services

Sarah Collins

PMO Manager

Eugene Vinar

Project Manager

Gabriela Hassan

Project Manager

Giuseppe Napolitano

Project Manager

Haley Petroboni

Project Manager

Giovanni Squarciafico

Project Engineer

Robert Weiss

Project Engineer

Ronak Thakur

Project Engineer

Tony Williams

Project Engineer

KJ Jha

Data Analyst

Norman Lopez

Project Coordinator

Lumen Navales

Project Coordinator

Kenneth Litiguan

Project Coordinator

Product Innovation & Automation

Ben Groves

Automation Architect

Steve Mantulenko

Automation Architect

Keenan Cheadle

RMM Platforms Lead

KJ Jha

Data Analyst

Service Delivery

Mario Hernandez

Field Services Engineer

Marcus Rosado

System Support Engineer

Roni Ramirez

Field Services Technician

Luis Espino

Field Services technician

Jason Zou

Field Services Technician

Ian Turrubiate

NOC Engineer l

Tim Hargrove

System Support Engineer lll

George Espinal

IT Infrastructure Manager

Ryan Mckellar

NOC Engineer III

Alfonso Corbeta

NOC Engineer I

Abdelkbir Ghallali

Field Services Technician

Cynthia Estevez

Device Deployment Technician

Lee Liddle

System Support Engineer I

Starr Maloney

System Support Engineer II

Sucre Marmolejos

System Support Engineer II

Jackson Nunez

Field Services Technician

Justin Paskel

System Support Engineer II

Eric Petitpas

Field Services Engineer I

Denver Biong

NOC engineer I

Francis Evan

Service Delivery Coordinator

Nelson Palad

NOC Engineer I

Brook Sigler

Service Delivery Coordinator

Chris Bennett

Systems Support Engineer

Stacey Hanby

Service Delivery Supervisor

Chris Williams

Field Services Engineer

Corey Roop

NOC Engineer

Nick Marsh

Systems Support Engineer

Pedro Soto

Systems Support Engineer

Torrey Hopkins

Field Services Engineer

Edgardo Vargas

Field Services Engineer

Yogi Mowla

Field Services Technician

Jason Veloz Perez

Field Services Technician

Jeffrey Hu

Device Technician

Amanda Shackelford

Field Services Engineer

Yani Ramos

Service Delivery Supervisor

Wade Justice

Service Delivery Supervisor

Delious Thomas

System Support Engineer

Jose Rodriguez

Service Delivery Manager

Roy Villaflor

NOC Engineer

Lydell Edwards

Service Delivery Supervisor

Mathew Muffadi

Service Delivery Supervisor

Marketing & Sales

Ani Jigarjian

Marketing Manager

Jim Levine

Principal Consultant

Finance and Operations

Fareeza Abrahim

Corporate Controller

Nicole C Gioia

Accounting Manager

Quentin Rodriques

Senior Operations Analyst

Mark Beisner

Senior Operations Analyst

Perry Frank

Operations Analyst

Alexander Lopez

Operations Associate

Lucy Assevero

Administrative Assistant