E-Rate Program

Tech advantage, E-rate expertise

E-Rate helps schools and libraries secure top tech at a discount. We help you make the most of it.

E Rate Program

Tech advantage, E-rate expertise

E-Rate helps you secure top tech at a discount. We help you make the most of it.

E Rate the Right Technology

The right technology can optimize success, facilitate learning—even spark innovation. But the best technology can challenge your budget. E-Rate can help.

The Program

With the E-Rate program, your school or library stands to score telecommunication tools at a discounted rate—from 20% to 90%. Finding your maximum discount can be tough, but working with an experienced vendor makes it easier. That’s where we come in.

Our Expertise

CTS isn’t just a registered E-Rate vendor—we’re E-Rate experts. Through analysis, technical insight, and strategic conversations, we’ve helped over 58 eligible schools offset their budgets. To date, our partner schools have been awarded $10 million—and with customized solutions, we’ve made sure every penny is spent in the right way.

We believe outcomes are everything—so what’s our definition of “right”? When technology advances your school’s unique instructional, administrative, and communication goals.

Check all the boxes on E rate Services

Check all the boxes on E-rate Services

Taking optimal advantage of E-rate consulting ensures you don’t leave money on the table and don’t end up wasting money on configurations that won’t serve long-term or require non-covered services to implement.

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Our E-rate Track Record Speaks for Itself

Our clients consistently derive maximum benefit from the E-rate program, year after year.

Years in the Program


Funding Awarded

$13.5 million

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Once Challenge Preparatory Charter School engaged CTS, we recognized that the core network design needed updating.

The setup Challenge had was not conducive to meeting instruction goals – for example, Challenge could not apply different filtering policies to the student and staff networks. This required a complete rework of the existing network and re-design. Challenge utilized ERATE funding dollars for this initiative, which CTS completed in the summer of 2016.

From 2016-2019, CTS continued to provide network maintenance for the 2 Challenge locations, ensuring all ERATE eligible equipment was online and functional, and updated as needed.

In the summer of 2019, Challenge used ERATE funding dollars to build out its third school site. This initiative included providing for cabling, networking switches, WiFi access points and configuration services.

Jay Strumwasser, Ex-Director of Technology
Challenge Preparatory Charter School

Recent Updates on Erate Consulting Services

Not every E-Rate vendor is equal. Don’t believe us? Drop us a line.

Our team is as passionate about education as you are. We go the extra mile (or five) to provide technology solutions to support students, educators, administrators, and lifelong learners. We’ll come up with a plan to take your tech to the head of the class.

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