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Whether Bridgeport, Stanford, or another Connecticut community or district, CTS puts a layer of resilience into the school’s evolving technical framework.

Growing with technology is preferable to growing in spite of it.

Connecticut schools face challenges that aren’t unique. Effective device distribution, utilizing technology to inspire student attendance and facilitate enhanced student engagement, and securing school IT infrastructure from intrusion and malware are essential elements of any education-focused IT management. Technology should enhance and invigorate learning, not constitute a recurring hurdle, thwarting its very purpose.

Securing school IT infrastructure
Ideal managed IT partner for School

The ideal managed IT partner flexes with a school’s changing requirements.

Equipping schools for accelerating technical requirements requires a partner in technical strategy, the ability to fortify the technical infrastructure by offloading some of the functions of in-house IT support to a firm with end-to-end capability, and maintaining a continual focus on the mission of the school, where generic solutions cannot meet its particular challenges. A school consists not merely of device and connection ‘users’ but of teachers, learners, and administrators of an educational context.

Full capability, laser-focused on your school’s specific objective:

Schools need the ability to flex, expand, plan, implement and support technology end-to-end—even if the school’s initial needs are modest. But a generic approach is unsuitable for a learning environment. Too often, managed IT services partners do not grasp the fundamentals of a school’s mission, the specific requirements of its instructional paradigm, or the extent of challenges faced by its learner population. Every school shares something in common, and types of schools from Law Schools to Community Colleges to Charter or Montessori have a specific focus inherent to their model. But one size never fits all. A deeper understanding of each is required, on top of a solid grasp of the range of technical opportunities and requirements appropriate to everything from school administration to classroom instruction and learning rubrics. CTS offers the entire array of technical services focused entirely on education. These include:

Full range of services:

Now is the time to have the conversation:

Whether the need is immediate or in the early planning stages, highly specific or end-to-end, we want to have the conversation. In fact, the earlier you plug us into looking at the requirements or planning the overall improvements, the more effective we can be on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to reach out now.

I’m Sachin Gujral, founder of CTS—Technology for Education. My firm helps schools, school founders, and educational organizations make and implement effective technology and IT decisions. I’d love to have a brief conversation to see how CTS and your school might collaborate. Use the form below or feel free to call 866-399-3230.