Educational Data Reporting

Schools Run on Vision. Visionaries Run on Data.

We make your data visual and digestible, so you can tell your story with authority.

Educational Data Reporting

Schools Run on Vision. Visionaries Run on Data.

We make your data visual and digestible, so you can tell your story with authority.

Clarify, simplify, and visualize the data that drives your school forward.

With easy access to your school’s data via app-generated dashboards and reporting, your data will do more for you—so that you can do more with it.

With CTS, data visualizations are built in. Analyze charts, graphs, and tables at a glance to get actionable insights you can tackle right away—and predictive models and reports you can use to get ahead later. Gain a deeper understanding of each grade, class, and student that makes up your school, with both generalized and detailed reports.
With easy access to regularly generated data reporting dashboards, understand your school’s big-picture at a glance. Remain informed with high-level overviews of key data on:
  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Demographics
  • Behavioral data
  • Instructional Outcomes
Track disciplinary incidents across grades, measure attendance across classes, generate performance reports across student demographics, and more. Work with us to secure all of the granular data you need, in a clear and digestible way.
  • Assessment performance (internal, state, and online)
  • Passing percentage
  • On-time (or late) percentage
  • Perfect attendance
  • Item analysis
What is Our Action Plan

Systems that set you up for success.

Choosing the right student information system (SIS) for your school can be overwhelming. And getting everyone on board can be even harder. We help you find the right SIS for your mission—and provide training and support for your staff throughout the onboarding process.

If you already have a system in place, we help you optimize it. Work alongside us to identify weak points in your current processes and practices—and create a plan of action to remedy them.

In addition to smoothing out daily operations, integrating your SIS data with your reporting platform will help you create a stronger data presentation in the long-run. We’ll handle the mechanics, but the gist of it is this: no more inconsistent or incomplete datasets and no more disconnected systems. Your data extraction will be timely and accurate—sent to you on a schedule.

Accurate insights. Endless possibilities.

Done right, data reporting transforms a school’s practices—and its future.

The academic sphere:

  • NYSTP proficiency. Visualize the trajectory of your school’s NYSTP over previous years, and analyze the data—gleaning insights on which groups of students could benefit from targeted interventions to help boost their performance.
  • Proficiency by standard and item analysis. Understand how students did overall on any assessment—and zoom in to see how they did on specific sections. In-depth reports let you view and compare student proficiency across all recorded standards.
  • Predictive analysis. Wondering how your students might do on the upcoming exam? Utilize the predictive analysis model to compare previous assessments (MAP, IA’s, and NYSTP)—and determine the likelihood that they’ll pass the next one.

The operational sphere:

  • Late percentage. Get a clear picture of who is arriving to school late and how regularly—as well as what percentage of students are arriving at school within any given time frame. Identifying frequently late students is the first step to understanding the challenges they face with on-time arrival, creating a plan of action to help them, and improving overall attendance rates.
  • Perfect attendance. At the same time, knowing which students are never late is vital if you want to reward them. Data reporting allows you to create targeted lists of students across a custom time frame, recognizing students with perfect attendance for each month, term, marking period, and year.
  • Behavioral reporting. How many behavioral incidents has your staff dealt with over the past week, month, marking period, or year? Data analysis allows you to compare and review incidents by grade, class, instructor, and any student demographic.
  • Demographic reporting. For each of these operational categories, identifying data trends across demographics is key. It’s what allows your school to make data-driven decisions about where to streamline resources to aid the students that need it most—and boost overall, school-wide metrics.
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Case Study

Brilla Charter School came to CTS with a simple question, “How can we predict how our students will do on the upcoming NYSTP based on how they’ve performed in the past?”

They wanted a prediction based on reliable, data-driven methods—not just teachers’ gut instincts.

During our initial meeting, we worked together to identify the scope of and gain access to the data necessary to complete the ask. With the right information in hand, we created a predictive analysis tool backed by data from previous years—including student performance on the NWEA MAP exam (growth), Internal Assessments (IAs), and NYSTP results.

The resulting tool accounted for every student in the district, storing their previous scores, predicting their future performances, and allowing the school to re-teach and reallocate staff resources accordingly—especially to any students that the tool indicated were on the cusp of passing. Additionally, our solution could zoom out from specific student predictions to analyze the overall performance of sub-groups across classes or grades, and provided a birds-eye view of the school’s testing practices—highlighting inconsistencies within their internal assessment schedule across departments.

Answer the important questions.

Even ones you didn’t know you had.

Planning the future of your school begins with gaining a stronger understanding of the present—and we have the technology to make that happen. CTS gives you the data you need to drive future decisions and does it in a digestible and actionable way.

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