UPCOMING WEBINAR: Cybersecurity and Securing our Schools

Over the past 12 months, the topic of Cybersecurity has surfaced many times for most of us. Whether it is a story in the news about yet another organization being breached or being pinged by our insurance companies that cybersecurity coverage costs are going up again or yet another Cybersecurity vendor hitting us up for a “quick introductory chat” – it is a difficult topic to escape.

It is also a difficult topic to research due to its depth and complexity and the great plethora of content out there seemingly targeting banks and hedge funds and defense contractors battling state-sponsored hackers using seemingly endless bank accounts. But what does a school need for its cybersecurity? Fortunately, CTS has done a lot of the learning and research legwork.

LIVE WEBINAR: We’re presenting the latest research on cybersecurity for schools.

WHEN: Join us Wed. Jan 11, 3:30 pm Eastern Time for our detailed findings on the state of K-12 #cybersecurity as we enter 2023.

REGISTER FREE: at https://charterts.com/go/january


  • Do schools get targeted? 
  • How much risk is there? How bad can an “incident” be? 
  • How can I tell if my MSP is actively protecting us from Cybersecurity threats? 
  • Do we really need Cybersecurity insurance? How do we pay less for it? 
  • On a limited budget, what’s the top priority? 
  • What does it take to be completely safe?

CTS has helped countless school leaders make sense of their practical technology needs. We’ve done the legwork to sum up schools’ real cybersecurity exposure and what to do about it. Don’t miss this.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Ritaly Rapaport, will conduct a clear review of the tangled web of Cybersecurity and address and MSP like CTS can take this on in conjunction with a school.

That registration link, again, is https://charterts.com/go/january

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