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For School Leaders | On Pivotal Technology Decisions & Decisionmaking

School Technology Education Series

Sachin Gujral, the dynamic head of CTS, Technology for Education, is facilitating monthly 90-minute webinars, workshops, and/or interactive presentations on school technology decision-making.

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CTS has listened to you, understands what is driving your school development, and has prepared these exciting experiences:

EXPAND A SCHOOL: Growth Without Bloat

Growth is built-in to successful schooling. Seize opportunities to expand with less pain and more forward-thinking. Make reversible decisions, redeploy underutilized technology, and avert headaches for years to come. This workshop will help you optimize your next moves for a growing school.

INSTRUCTIONAL DEVICES: Edutech for Educators

Align technology choices with educational objectives. Instructional technology and devices are easy to come by. Making effective decisions (Should students receive iPads, Chromebooks, or surface tablets? What devices will be most effective for instructors and administrative staff? Projectors, electronic whiteboards, or analog?) is not a one-size-fits-all template. Every school is different. This workshop helps you make sustainable decisions aligned with your goals.

BUILD A SCHOOL: Baked-in Opportunities

Your vision for a brand new school begins here. Launching a school effectively means making cost-effective decisions designed for scale. Making optimal technical choices early ensures you aren’t backtracking while you’re trying to grow. Make better choices from the outset with this informative webinar.

EDUCATIONAL DATA: Visualize Your Vision

Schools run on vision. Visionaries run on data. Clarify, simplify, and visualize the data that drives your school forward. We’ll discuss dashboards and reporting for enrollment, attendance, demographics, behavioral data, performance, and instructional outcomes. This informative webinar will demonstrate how to make your data visual and digestible, so you can tell your story with authority.


Maximize your school’s access to and use of federal funding for technology. Schools miss opportunities for funded technology because of past deadlines, misunderstood requirements, or improper E-rate funding applications. Get the most from the federal E-rate program with these insights.

SCHOOL IT SUPPORT: Structure for Success

Is it more effective to do all IT support in-house? Outsource it? Or deploy a hybrid model? The answers will depend entirely on the structure of your school, how it operates, and even your particular educational focus. Weigh the alternatives in this workshop from a sustainability, operational, and cost/effectiveness framework.

What to Expect

Each participant in the 90-minute virtual event will be able to ask questions about their school’s unique situation, and all participants will come away with a better understanding (and potentially a basic plan) for achieving their goals for a technically-integrated school. Suitable for school founders, leaders, administrators, instructional stakeholders, and school IT personnel.

About Sachin Gujral and CTS

Sachin was born to Indian parents, in Mozambique. Before age 18 he had already lived in 3 continents, learned 5 languages, and held numerous jobs. After achieving his Bachelors of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology, he put in a 10-year stint on Wall Street, rising through the ranks to assume a role as a Vice President in Compliance Technology. In 2010, egged on by his entrepreneurial spirit, he created CTS, Technology for Education.

CTS helps schools, school founders, and educational organizations make effective technology and IT decisions—from funding to implementation.

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