Edtech & Robust Support: An Inside Look at the Post-COVID Technical Backdrop

As the global economy begins to recover from the pandemic, it’s fair to say that, for schools, the post-Covid landscape has permanently changed. Schools are leveraging technology advancements that initially rolled out with remote learning but aren’t now going back into storage. Far from it—the numbers and types of technical systems in use have risen. The thousands of extra devices we deployed over the last 12-18 months aren’t going away. There’s increased use of teacher-centric technologies. The way students are learning has evolved. And the expectation of support is now even more granular. Sustainability, always part of the DNA of school technology, now includes the ability to pivot toward the entirely unexpected, including the potential for pandemics.

When COVID hit, we responded by shuffling an entire organization to the help desks, while insisting we maintain the highest standards of support and simultaneously creating resources for the transition to remote learning. With a roughly 30% increase in tickets and significant school growth, we’ve ensured support quality has remained robust. In our ranks, we saw a 100% Increase in School Staff Supported, a 257% Increase in Student Devices, a 27% Increase in Support Tickets/month, and we stood in the trenches and ensured a 37% Decrease in Ticket Response Time. That’s right—DURING the pandemic. We heard a lot from our clients during 2020:

“Service has been amazing during what I can only imagine is an extremely busy time for your team. Thank you!”

“Technicians went above and beyond to help resolve my issue.  They stayed on the phone with me for extended periods of time, as well as did further research beyond the service call to help me come to a resolution. “

“I received support within minutes, and my issue was resolved within the hour.  Thank you so much for the support!”

“I am so impressed with the service. I emailed Friday night and the issue was resolved before I even had to go into work on Monday. HUGE thank you to the team!”

“You are so fast with your turnaround time. Our students are lucky to have you in their corner when they are running into tech challenges.”

We’re digging in deep with clients on school design, edtech services, and the usual technical support and IT projects (opening new schools and expanding existing ones). It’s an exciting time because education is coming back strong, partly (we think) due to the output of teams like ours.

As always, our people are our DNA. When we say service delivery has been unparalleled, we mean specifically we’re putting the best people we can procure in front of every school, educational organization, and business client in our roster. These people are here for YOU, on behalf of CTS, and they’re always pushing the envelope to improve service delivery as your institution pivots and grows.

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