CTS Offers Resources to Schools and Parents Amid School Closures

As school leaders begin navigating distance learning in the wake of COVID-19-related closures, CTS has compiled a comprehensive library of resources designed to support remote instruction. 

The guide serves as a resource for schools affected by COVID-19-related closures. 

Taken together, we hope these resources serve as a guide for school communities seeking to maximize their distance learning programs, as well as providing a road map for school leaders seeking to mitigate the challenges associated with remote instruction.



The resource library offers a roadmap for leaders seeking to maximize student learning.

In addition to providing students and families with solutions to common troubleshooting topics, this resource library outlines the key operational factors school leaders should consider when designing and executing their school’s remote learning program, including: 

As local, state, and federal responses to COVID-19 continuously evolve, school leaders need solutions fast. By summarizing the key operational factors that impact distance learning, administrators can design robust distance learning systems that stay ahead of the latest developments, ensuring teachers, students, and family members have continual access to instructional resources throughout the school closure period. 

First and foremost, this guide outlines clear processes leaders can undertake to ensure they have an adequate number and type of student and staff devices available to support distance learning. From there, we describe the essential elements of instructional content-delivery systems that facilitate seamless communication between teachers, students, and families, as well as monitor student engagement with online course material. Finally, undergirding both device and content distribution is communication: our guide spells out how to put in place systems that make sure the right people get the right information at the right time. 

For students and families, this guide seeks to address the most common distance learning troubleshooting topics. 

For many families, distance learning is an entirely new phenomenon—made more complicated by the demands of their own remote work and other commitments. Our guide points these users toward the solutions to their most common tech. problems, such as:

  • How do I connect to the internet?
  • How do I use my school-issued device on my home network?
  • Can I use my personal device to complete my school work?
  • I’m encountering other technical difficulties. What do I do?

The guide’s step-by-step instructions are accessible to students and their family members. Rather than spending hours each day troubleshooting relatively simply tech problems, our hope is that families can quickly find a solution and continue supporting their student’s learning. 

We know effective distance learning is challenging, but that it’s also possible. 

At CTS, we strive to support the unique mission of each of our partner schools. While distance learning often makes that mission look and feel different, we believe it’s still entirely possible to execute an effective instructional program remotely. 

By producing this guide for our partner schools and others across the country, our hope is that we can offer schools clear guidance on how to navigate distance learning in a way that minimizes disruption for teachers, students, and families and ensures student learning remains at the forefront, even under extreme circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about our resource guide and how you can prepare your school for distance learning.


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