National Charter Schools Conference (Virtual): June 20-23, 2021

The National Alliance for Charter Schools views charter schools as a movement. Every year, its National Charter Schools Conference (NCSC) connects school leaders, teachers, education professionals and advocates with each other, expert help, and pivotal resources. It’s the singular annual event for those shaping the future of K-12 education.

WHO IS GOING (VIRTUALLY): A key mission of the Conference, which is being held virtually, this month (June 20-23), is to pose and address the critical questions on school leaders’ minds, leverage the solutions-driven perspectives of national experts, and call out what’s next in public education. Attendance is both a rite of passage for school leaders and an annual return for seasoned school veterans. The conference has an 85% rating by attendees on practicality (relevance to attendees’ work and mission).

WHY PEOPLE ATTEND: Major drivers for school leaders and their staff to attend are the connections created among peers throughout the independent and charter school community, staying on the bleeding edge of school funding, innovations, and technology, and the depth and usefulness of professional development that occurs at each annual conference.

OFFICIAL CONFERENCE SPONSORS: CTS is a fellow traveler that’s deeply devoted to the cause of charter and independent schools, as well as educational organizations in general. With a tagline like “Technology for Education” (a focus that’s something of a rarity in the field of IT management and infrastructure), this isn’t surprising. Nor should it be a surprise that we’re official conference sponsors.

OUR SESSIONS THIS MONTH: In addition, we’re actually hosting/facilitating THREE (3) of the conference events.

  • Getting and Keeping Your ESSER Funding Grant
  • Unparalleled Student Engagement in a Remote Learning Environment
  • Digital Equity: Facing Post-Covid Challenges & Seizing Opportunities

WHY WE CARE: Naturally, these topics are near and dear to our hearts. Schools and educational organizations that take full advantage of the funding available to them enrich the opportunities of their learners. Remote and hybrid learning are going to be a force from now on, and doing that well means more effective schools overall. And disparities in student opportunities continue to create challenges, but there are solutions that can deeply impact the lives of learners. We aren’t just ‘tech guys’. Leading in these areas is part of OUR mission as technical partners for educational leaders.

JOIN US! Naturally, we’re hoping you’ll join us for the NCSC Conference this year. For more about our involvement, including details on the above topics, visit this announcement. For more information about the Conference in general, visit the NCSC page. For info on the organization behind it (the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools) visit the NAPCS Page.

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