CTS Launches Virtual Graduation Roadmap for Independent Schools

Planning a virtual graduation ceremony on the heels of remote schooling? Graduation is a vital rite of passage for millions of students across the United States. To this end, CTS is proud to launch a Virtual Graduation Roadmap and Virtual Graduation Roadmap Infographic to guide schools through the planning and executing their graduation process.

A CTS team member, Mathew Mufaddi, authored both of these resources, which clearly outline the pros and cons of different virtual platforms, as well as provide concrete action steps schools can take to ensure their ceremonies run smoothly. Matt’s comment:

My goal at CTS is to infuse IT support with visionary details, like mapping out a process, for Virtual Graduation that look three steps ahead of the needs of learners and schools.

Our hope is that these resources offer school leaders practical advice on how to best conduct their school’s graduation ceremony, including clear pre-production tasks–from launching a live stream countdown to establishing clear moderator protocols–that together will make their ceremonies meaningful experiences for students, families, and staff. 

Recognizing the unique needs of each school, we also outline the key features of multiple video platforms, including Zoom Large Meetings, Zoom Webinars, WebEx Meetings & Events, and BlueJeans Webinars, allowing school leaders to make the best choice for their school communities. 

At CTS, we’re committed to developing customized solutions that meet the needs of our clients, and distance learning support is no exception. From sharing best practices in learning management system (LMS) organization to supporting leaders in managing device inventories, we’ve helped schools across the country rapidly scale their remote learning programs to meet the needs of their diverse school communities. For many of our partners, these efforts include planning for their students’ graduation.

Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual Graduation Roadmap and how we can help your school navigate the challenges of both remote and in-person learning through our managed IT or educational data services. On behalf of the entire CTS team, congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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